First off, welcome to my crazy little blog…

My name is Becca and I am a 20-something-year-old living life and finding adventures big and small to revel in. I finished my undergrad degree in Vocal Performance and now ready to take on wherever this life is going to take me. Music is my passion and life-force but I also enjoy things such as reading, binge watching Netflix, listening to podcasts, spoiling my dog, and spending time with my friends and family. Traveling is a dream hobby that I hope becomes more of a reality. I am also a dreamer. I dream of self-supporting myself with my passions and finding utter happiness in this crazy thing called life. I also dream of creating some sort of sliver of happiness, positivity and hope for others.

My goal with this blog has multiple layers… This is my little corner of the internet where I just want to share the adventures, the moments, the train of thoughts, the books, the pictures and the everything in between. I, myself, have searched and searched for other’s and their stories and what choices they made in order to achieve their dreams, whether they be musicians, moms, professionals, or travelers. Every human has a unique journey that I believe is worth recording.

I want to share my story and journey of discovering how to use music to sustain my joy, self-worth, self-love, and lifestyle.

I want to share my experiences and struggles with mental health. I want to practice that inkling of bravery that I have seen so many other people have.

I want to help others, whether that be in friendship, or in funny stories, or in hope. I want to record my thoughts and feelings and memories for my future. For those moments where I feel like a failure or forget what I have accomplished or simply want to relive some wonderful memory.

But also in a selfish sense, I want to have something for me that is about me. I find joy as well as comfort in talking and sharing about my experiences. Discussing my feelings and opinions helps me comprehend what is happening in my world. With the current state of our society sometimes its necessary to rant, ramble, but also relish in the small beauties that seem insignificant.

Everyone has a story. Whether it seems small or unimportant I find it is worth sharing. It is worth sharing some beauty, happiness, grace as well as sadness, pain, and confusion. That is how we comprehend our lives, is through emotions and I find it worth putting into words.

Who knows where this blog will take me and who knows whether it will be worth it. But thank you for joining along with me in this crazy, little, adventure.

~ Thanks for the Adventure ~